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We were told that the vaccines will end the pandemic; they did not. Public health officials cannot tell us when does the pandemic end and how. Do you have pandemic fatigue? Do you feel abandoned by our public health officials? Would you like to learn very useful information ( advocated by world-famous doctors ) that empowers you to safely exit the pandemic mess and return to our pre-pandemic normal life without endless vaccines, masks, social distancing and all the other restrictions that have robbed us of the joy of life and freedom? This educational book provides you with the roadmap to reach your goal.
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Name : Samir Samuel Missak , MD
Citizenship : USA ( Naturalized)
Residency training : Internal Medicine, Grant Hospital of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois ( 1984-1987)
Certification : certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine ( passed the certifying exam at the 89 percentile)
Publications : Sole author of 4 medical articles published in the peer-reviewed journal Medical Hypotheses (1987-1991)
Hobbies :
1. International travel ( I have visited 29 countries/ 7 continents) 2. Learning foreign languages
Membership :
Member of AAA ( American Automobile Association)
I have no affiliation with and I have no financial interests in any pharmaceutical company.

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