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Dear brother and sister,
The Covid pandemic was announced by the WHO in March 2020. Leading public health officials declared that vaccines will bring a swift eradication of the virus. The virus turned out to be a formidable foe; its prolific ability to mutate upended the plan of its eradication by vaccines. Before the start of the vaccination campaigns in December 2020, the virus had already mutated to strains which were partially resistant to the vaccines. The virus was several steps ahead of the vaccine advocates and vaccine makers. In November 2021, the Omicron variant emerged and was found to be markedly resistant to the vaccines. In January 2022, the CEO of Pfizer announced that Pfizer was developing an Omicron specific vaccine which will be ready in March 2022. The virus will not oblige and go into hibernation from November 2021 till March 2022. By March 2022, the Omicron wave will be over and a new variant will arise and will render the Omicron vaccine obsolete, and waves after waves will arise and the wild-goose chase will never end. A turtle ( vaccine makers) cannot overtake a leopard ( the virus). It is obvious now that vaccines cannot end the pandemic and cannot achieve herd immunity (see chapter 12 for details). Humanity is yearning for the end of the pandemic and for the return to our pre-pandemic freedoms. Is there an alternative to the vaccine- centric plan which can bring the pandemic to an end in a few months? The answer is a categorical YES. This alternative plan, outlined in my book, relies on preventive and therapeutic interventions advocated by many outstanding and world- famous doctors who have been on the front lines treating and saving the lives of their Covid patients. The plan is extremely safe and affordable. Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide public health problem. Vitamin D deficiency is a risk factor for severe/lethal Covid-19, and correcting this deficiency (a very easy task) can render Covid-19 a non-lethal disease. The incidence of vitamin D deficiency in the USA is 70%. Researchers have found that bringing the vitamin D blood level to 50 ng/ml can bring Covid mortality to zero [ see chapter 1 for details]. An international panel of doctors and researchers convened in the United Kingdom on February 20,2021 under the leadership of Dr. Tess Lawrie, and issued a report recommending the use of Ivermectin [ a very safe and cheap drug] for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The BIRD [ British Ivermectin Recommendation Development] report was sent to the WHO, FDA (USA) and other regulatory agencies in the world. Dr. Tess Lawrie is a world-famous researcher who ranks among the world top 5% of analysts and interpreters of medical data and clinical trials. She is a consultant to the WHO. Covid-19 is now a preventable and a curable disease [see chapter 11 for details].
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Your servant : Samir Samuel Missak, MD [ American Board certified in Internal Medicine].