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Dear brother and sister,

A Rasmussen poll conducted in December 2022 revealed that 28% of adults in the USA say they personally know someone whose death they think may have been caused by side-effects of Covid-19 vaccines. Dr. Steven Gundry, the American world-famous heart surgeon, studied certain biological markers that are predictive of the risk of a heart attack in his patients, and he found that Covid mRNA vaccines double the risk of having a heart attack. It is now public knowledge that the vaccinated account for the majority of Covid deaths in the USA (as stated in an article published in the Washington Post on November 23,2022). In December 2022, researchers at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic found that the Covid vaccines increase the odds of catching Covid.

The official narrative that the Covid vaccines are safe and effective has crumbled. Is there an alternative plan to the failed vaccine–centric plan that can restore our pre-pandemic normality and freedom? The answer is a categorical YES. My book outlines this plan which is based on the instructions and findings and recommendations of world-famous doctors. This alternative plan has 2 pillars: control of risk factors that predispose to severe Covid-19 plus early outpatient treatment.

The Covid pandemic is officially over as a public health emergency but the Covid virus is still with us. My book will provide you with valuable information on feasible, affordable and concrete measures that will protect you from severe/lethal Covid or long Covid without reliance on any vaccine. Even with the end of the pandemic, this information is still relevant because it allows you to optimize the function of your immune system and be fully ready and prepared for the next pandemic if any develops. The book has earned a 5 star review [out of 5 stars] from an independent book reviewer at Online Book Club; the review was published on April 29, 2023 on the website OnlineBookClub.org

Covid -19 is a mild illness in the majority of patients. In a small subset of patients, it can be severe or lethal. This happens in individuals who have risk factors. Vitamin D deficiency and obesity are risk factors for severe Covid-19. Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide public health problem. Correcting this deficiency (a very easy task) can render Covid-19 a non-lethal disease. The incidence of vitamin D deficiency in the USA is 70%. Researchers have found that bringing the vitamin D blood level to 50 ng/ml can bring Covid mortality to zero [see chapter 1 for details]. An international panel of doctors and researchers convened in the United Kingdom on February 20,2021 under the leadership of Dr. Tess Lawrie,  and issued a report recommending the use of Ivermectin [ a very safe and cheap drug] for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. The BIRD [British Ivermectin Recommendation Development] report was sent to the WHO, FDA (USA) and other regulatory agencies in the world. Dr. Tess Lawrie is a world-famous researcher who ranks among the world top 5% of analysts and interpreters of medical data and clinical trials. She was a consultant to the WHO. Covid-19 is now a preventable and a curable disease [see chapter 11 for details].

Chapter 13 of the book is dedicated to the vaccine injured person who is looking for helpful tips to mitigate the vaccine injury.

The website allows you to preview for free the preface, contents of the book and the first chapter of the book [by clicking on the tab of Preview the book].  To receive a free copy of the entire book, please click on the tab of Download Book; the book is 65 pages/ PDF format: size 688 KB. The book is protected by applicable copyright laws.  If you are satisfied with the information that you have received, please invite your relatives and friends to visit the website and obtain a free copy of the book. I highly appreciate the “word of mouth” of a satisfied reader. Together we can start a grassroots movement of individuals empowered with proper knowledge, and determined to restore our cherished freedom .I wish you and your loved ones excellent health and prosperity.

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Your servant: Samir Samuel Missak, MD [American Board certified in Internal Medicine].